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Diatomix was founded in 2015 by people concerned with the accumulation of toxic chemicals in our air, water and soil. Today we understand better than ever that many of the pesticides, fire retardants, water repellents and material additives can cause serious health problems even at low concentrations. In addition, we have learned that these pollutants are not destroyed under typical environmental conditions and as such they actually recirculate through waterways and air streams, recontaminating the water we drink and the air we breathe. Diatomix wants you to help us destroy pollution, destruction is forever and we believe that getting rid of chemical pollutants is the only way to stop the cycle.

Diatomix started in the Portland State University physics department. Our concentration was solely on the development of a material which could destroy organic pollutants. With help from the National Science Foundation, the State of Oregon, the Oregon Nano-science and Microtechnologies Institute, the Sustainability Investment Fund and Lectrix we have grown to the point where we can launch our first product capable of utilizing our material, called Ditanium. We believe we are on a huge journey to address the global need of destroying airborne pollutants.

As we begin this next stage of our journey we ask you to be a part of cleaning up your home and helping us clean our planet.

Address: Diatomix, 2634 SE Steele St., Portland, OR, 97202

Phone: +1.503.605.1886

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The Team

“Working to replace activated carbon (coal) with materials designed for a circular economy, solar regeneration and even the potential to reverse climate change all while improving the air people breathe… what is not to love about working for Diatomix? Massive thanks to the National Science Foundation and our investors for enabling us to pursue this “green” passionate life! I believe Diatomix technology will one day replace almost all activated carbon used on the planet and create a sustainable way to treat air and water pollution for centuries.” – Nick

“Diatomix has always been serious about studying and designing solutions for improving air quality. Just as importantly, at our core there has always been a strong belief in integrity, teamwork, and personal and professional growth. I’m excited about growing our awesome team and continuing to expand the scope and variety of our applications.” – Joshua

“Air quality is such an important issue that affects everyone in the here and now and the things we do today will impact future generations to come. Diatomix is continually working on new technologies to improve air quality on a global scale through science, and I am proud to be a part of that. ” – Abby