Lets clean the planet

with Light

Help Clean the Planet

Diatomix technology destroys chemical pollutants and potent greenhouse gases. This fundamental difference is critical step to living in a cleaner future. Click here to learn more

Evolved by Nature

Our technology uses natural diatoms to capture pollutants before destroying them. Diatoms are little glass shells made by algae, optimized to collect light and help them grow in the sea.

Powered by Light

The light powered catalyst can destroy the strongest of chemicals known to cause human and global health issues.

Supercharged by Nature!

Ditanium is composed of diatoms, the glass shells of algae, and powerful catalysts. Diatoms high surface area adsorbs chemical pollutants bringing them directly in contact with our patented catalyst to completely destroy pollutants.

Chemical Pollutants

The simplest of chemical pollutants can be completely undetectable in air, Ditanium completely captures and destroys them turning them into carbon dioxide and water.

Improve Air Quality

By destroying chemical pollutants instead of just capturing them, Diatomix can improve global health.

Regenerated by Sunlight

Diatomix is working to create regeneration facilities powered by sunlight! This can make our material global warming potential negative with use.

Testing Capabilities

Diatomix can test a variety of pollutants in house, if you have a particular request, reach out to us.

Greenhouse Gases

Methane and nitrogen oxides are 30-100 time more potent greenhouse gasses than carbon dioxide. Ditanium captures and drastically decreases the power of these and other greenhouse gases to slow down global warming.

Net Zero

Ditanium’s advantages include both a low cradle to gate production cost and potential carbon credits with use. If you are trying to reach net zero reach out to us.

Activated Carbon is Coal

Today we use 3 million metric tons of activated carbon. Half of this is mined coal and the other half is produced from wood waste. The use and regeneration of activated carbon results in 0.1% of global CO2 emissions along with pollutants like carbon monoxide.

Activated carbon that is dumped in the landfill leaches harmful pollutants back into the environment.

Optimized to be fully regenerated by light

The Ditanium catalyst can last for years in real world environments. Upon light or heat driven regeneration the material can fully regenerate and works like new.

When activated carbon is regenerated 15% of the material burns away into the atmosphere and some contaminants can cause it to lose up to 50% of its adsorption capacity.

Current and Future Solutions

The AirPrizm by Diatomix, is a whole-home HVAC air cleaner targeted at chemical pollutants for people with chemical sensitivity. Check out our AirPrizm site here.

3D printers are known to release high concentrations of chemical pollutants such as styrene into homes. We’re working on enabling 3D printer enthusiast 3D print their own filter! Learn more here.

Diatomix granular and pelletized media is an excellent replacement for activated carbon in many situations. Contact us to learn more.

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about what we are doing please reach out to us. We continue to develop consumer products to fit solutions activated carbon currently serves and are looking for partners to test larger activated carbon replacement systems.